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Position Type:
-Innovative thinker
-Problem solver
-Passion to help others
-Committed to improving business practice and responsible business progression.
-Bachelors degree going on masters
-Prepared and capable in planning and execution
-Preparing and providing statistical research data
-Preparing and consulting performance and projection data
-Able to translate and prepare presentation quality compilation of business plan and relevant projections and analysis.
I am founder of Avanti United, I am a young entrepreneur with years of experience in leadership and business. I have started multiple businesses and have been successful in the growth of business for multiple companies. I believe the secret is in business with integrity and in alignment with the laws that govern all things.
I am on a path to create something different to transform our communities. I am an idealist and a dreamer. Lets meet and see what two or more in the same place with the same mind can accomplish.
I have an office in Vallejo and I'm in a pivotal point in the planning phase. The selections will be made in short order and the ultimate goal is something much greater. We will meet to establish a connection and then develop the details of the integration in the second meeting.
Willing to discuss flexible compensation structures with growth in alignment with growth of the company.
Avanti United
Vallejo, CA
707-234-8833 - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist