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Job Title: Case Manager
Using a "whole person" approach, provide case management for clients of a non-profit agency that serves veterans. Must be comfortable working with homeless and disadvantaged veterans, male and female. Drawing on an extensive knowledge of available resources, the case manager refers and assists the client to develop saleable skills, solid work habits, and strong coping skills. Must be able to work with children and have a well developed networking capability with local service organizations providing emergency shelter, medical, mental health, legal, transportation, employment and other homeless, children, and veterans services.
Job Duties:
1. Facilitates the achievement of client wellness and autonomy through advocacy, assessment, planning, communication, education, resource management, and service facilitation.
2. Respond to client requests for assistance by initially screening for suitability and eligibility for both in-house and other-agency programs. Provide in-depth screening and assessments for program suitability and eligibility for both in-house and other-agency programs. As necessary, act as the client's advocate to assist in receiving needed services. Provide program information assistance and/or make referrals to appropriate services. Act as the client's advocate, when necessary, and assist them in receiving needed services.
3. Apply creative outreach techniques to recruit potential clients by distributing promotional materials and by directly networking with targeted individuals and organizations. Work closely with staff and volunteers to develop and implement an outreach program which will allow clients to engage homeless veterans on the street and in encampments to let them know about services and resources.
4. Travel to other referral agencies and to clients' homes, as necessary, to accomplish outreach, intakes and follow-ups. Oversee daily chores and client routines as assigned. Helps insure that all residents are compliant with program rules and guidelines, including curfew, program fees, duty shifts, etc.
5. Closely monitor and ensure all funding agency performance goals and objectives are met or exceeded. Assist the agency in keeping costs within the program budgets.
6. Maintain complete participant documentation, to include proof of eligibility determination, comprehensive demographic data, detailed case notes that also include results/follow-ups of other-agency referrals, and other records as assigned.
7. Conduct preliminary assessments to determine individual eligibility, needs, and motivation. Present a realistic assessment of the resources available to help the client, and what will be required on the client's part. With the client's input, develop an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) that addresses mitigation of all barriers and culminates, to the maximum practical degree, full employment, permanent housing, improved family functioning, and family self-sufficiency. Meet periodically with each client to assess their progress and update individual goals.
8. Refer clients to educational workshops and other training resources that address areas identified in the ISP. Provide veterans with strength-based, client-centered motivational counseling. Ensure clients have a clear understanding of the goals and action steps outlined in their ISP and receive support in pursuing those goals. Provides appropriate expertise in recognizing and understanding clinical diagnosis to provide the appropriate referrals for evaluation and treatment of clinical issues. Does not provide evaluations or therapeutic interventions.
9. As a member of the Client Review Team, coordinate with other Center staff to ensure clients are getting quality, fully integrated services.
10. Assist staff in the performance of room checks, urinalysis tests, and breathalyzer tests (if applicable).
11. Maintain a personal resource file of social service agency contacts and landlords in the area in order to refer clients to needed services.
12. Provide individual employment counseling to clients and assist them in completing their employment-focused goals on the ISP's. Motivate clients to use job fairs and one-stop career center resources. Regularly conduct the job search workshop, "Winning the Employment Game" to supplement the client's job readiness. Conduct required follow-ups with clients and employers to monitor progress and provide early identification of problems and/or complaints of employed clients.
13. Attend meetings and conferences, as required.
14. Additional duties as assigned by supervisor.
Required Skills:
1. Ability to work with a diverse population of adults and children, including those with physical and mental disabilities and addictions and those who are in, or need to be in, recovery. Ability to work with clients who have significant barriers to include but not limited to legal barriers, prison or long term incarceration. Ability to work independently, with minimal supervision.
2. Ability to conduct a general assessment of the physical, mental, and emotional health of individual clients, and concisely document that assessment. Ability to maintain client confidentiality and personal boundaries within VRC policy and procedures.
3. Excellent people skills, including the ability to motivate and lead while maintaining a positive cooperative rapport with other staff. Ability to positively engage and motivate challenging clients. Excellent communication skills, including writing that is accurate in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Develop relationships and collaborative partnerships with representatives in other agencies. Ability to make referrals to services such as housing, VA services and benefits, educational and employment, financial assistance, and legal advocacy.
4. Ability to organize and interpret data and information relative to clients and program. Ability to form and work within an effective work team. Ability to work in a stressful, multi-task environment and interact with clients in varying states of mental and physical health. Excellent organizational and time management skills. Ability to maintain positive and supportive disposition in the performance of job duties with staff and other service providers.


Master's degree in counseling, social work, or psychology or in process of obtaining with appropriate clinical experience is desirable. Bachelor's degree with Two years of college level coursework in related field (psychology, sociology) required. Two years' experience in case management within a social service or employment counseling position required. Experience working with AOD/Mental Health clients preferred. Experience performing outreach and making referrals to services. Broad working knowledge of services within the local area. Demonstrable knowledge and advocacy of veteran and children's issues. Knowledge of native culture and language (if applicable), as well as a deep familiarity with the veteran issues relevant to this area. Excellent organizational and time-management skills. Proficient in Word, Excel and Outlook programs, and familiar with entering data in database programs. Preference for Bachelor's degree in related field. Must have clean DMV record and reliable transportation. Hiring preference for veterans.
Non-exempt position. Comprehensive benefits and Competitive Wage. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist